About Me


Thanks for visiting! Here is the usual stuff - my name is Gunnar, I currently reside in St. Paul Minnesota, and I’ve been doing this photo thing for awhile now.

I’m the worst with words.  In a time where photographers are also expected to be master storytellers, even outside of their images, I’ve always found it difficult to sum up an experience through words. This is why I’ve always gravitated towards photography.  

My goal in shooting, whether photographing weddings or documenting my travels, has always been to convey those genuine emotions and the sense of awe that have come with being in any given exact place at an exact time.  I want my images to create those feels inside of you.

Stay awhile, have a look around.  I sincerely hope that my images induce that same sense of wonder and awe that I felt while creating them.  If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, move that mouse on up to the “Make Contact” link. Don’t be a stranger, I’d seriously love to hear from you.


Photo Credit: Whitney Vermeer

Photo Credit: Whitney Vermeer